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Output & Quality

We are committed to our QC process through our management (Total Quality Control, TQC), training (Total Quality Management, TQM), and service (Total Quality Service, TQS). Your health and safety guarantees our commitment to quality.

HaoPinWei is ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP certified for quality control in the production process,starting from the raw ingredients and ending at the finished products. Our main process flow is as bellow:
  1. Ingredients
    Our ingredients are directly controlled from the source. Suppliers are required to provide the certificate of origin, inspection, and other mandatory information; e.g. pesticide, heavy metal residue, and aflatoxin etc. Each ingredient is controlled for quality based on the individual properties and characteristics.
  2. Storage
    660m2 of refrigeration and freezer compartment with real-time temperature and humidity monitoring, regular inspection and logging to ensure freshness of the ingredients.
  3. Blend
    First-in-first-out of ingredients, double-checking of the ingredients and additives to ensure proper blend of each product batch.
  4. Cooking
    In this most critical process, temperature and timing controls are closely controlled. Individual products are cooked with a specific set of temperature and duration, while key instruments are calibrated for higher precision and frequency to monitor the temperature.
  5. Hot Filling
    Our mainline products do not use artificial food coloring or preservatives, thus product hygiene and bacteria count is of utmost importance. We are fully equipped with automatic washers, sterilization UV lamp, and high temperature filling machines to pasteurize the container and semi-product. Internal temperature of the semi-product is also monitored during filling to finish the pasteurization process.
  6. Sealing
    Microbe growth is limited in the vacuum sealed container after the automatic capping and hot filling machine. The level of vacuum seal is monitored and thoroughly tested for leaks.
  7. Inspection
    Physical, chemical, and biological testing of the finished products.
  8. Testing
    Physical, chemical, and biological testing after 10-day insulation period at 37℃ before each batch is shipped.
  9. Sample
    Physical, chemical, and biological testing of product samples after preserving for six months. This allows us to monitor the quality level and track anomalies.