Bread is the staff of live.

Quality policy

Good quality - health and safety
Good taste - innovative products
Good reputation - customer satisfaction

Strict conformity of quality production persistently provides customers with the safest products:
  1. Uses only non-GMO *genetically modified) soybeans.
  2. Received "ISO 22000:2018" Certification.
  3. Received "International HACCP Certification" ensuring food safety managment system and quality control of food processing.
  4. Got quailified TTQS (Talent Quality Management System) Evaluation.
Quality and safety policy

Source control
Quality control from raw material sources to reduce the risk of quality hazards.

Full quality management
Every member of the factory is a part of quality control.

Food safety
Prevention of food hazards by hazard analysis control system is priority to food hygiene and safety.

Compliance with local regulations in accordance with the place of sale.